4 Ways to Raise the Fun Factor for Your Bowling Parties

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Shopping

You love bowling. So do your family and friends. If you regularly have bowling games and competitions, here are a few ways to raise the fun factor:

Award titles

This could be as serious, goofy or wacky as you want them to be. Give out titles to recognize the best throw, the best form, the most number of gutter balls, the most spares, and even one for family members who have never scored a strike. You’ll also want to give recognition to the one with the highest score and a quirky one to whoever ends up at the bottom of the games. Tip: just make sure everyone goes home with a prize or certificate. That’s bound to make everyone feel wonderful.

Give out trophies

Another way to make the event even more fun is to give out bowling trophies. Whoever ends up winning the top spot will surely appreciate going home with a trophy. Give out at least three. Winning teams or those who come out as champions that night might like them so much they’ll probably be raring to go to the next party you organize. That’s going to mean more guests for your bowling bash.

Use the right invites

You want to set the mood right for your party. Using invites that use bowling designs—bowling pins for instance—should go excellently well with your guests, says The Spruce. Anyone who loves a good bowling party will surely appreciate those invites. It also helps you set the right tone for the event—casual, lighthearted and fun.


Nothing creates ambiance more than putting up decorations. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick a local bowling alley that would allow you to decorate the place for your party. With those balloons and banners, you and your guests are going to be in for a night of fun.

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