Choosing Affordable Womens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA for Daily Walks

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Shopping

Walking is associated with significant health benefits for women. For instance, taking walks nearly every day can improve cardiovascular health and help the person burn calories in the effort to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Comfortable shoes that provide support are advisable for this activity, so many women shop for Womens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA. They commonly look for options that don’t sacrifice quality for affordability.

Burning Calories

A woman who weighs 150 lbs. can burn off about 100 calories per mile while walking at a moderate pace. Taking a two-mile walk five days a week thus results in 1,000 calories burned. If it’s possible to step that up a notch to four miles five days a week, even greater benefits are achieved. A person could expect to lose 1 lb. about every other week at that level without counting any other type of exercise engaged in.

Time Expectations

It should take most people around an hour or less to complete a four-mile trek while walking at a brisk pace. If this is too much at first, walking at a more moderate speed or even strolling in a relaxed manner is better than not walking at all. The four miles doesn’t have to all be completed at once, either. Walking around a grocery store and parking the car a good distance from entrances routinely adds more steps.

Changing Terrain

Walking uphill some of the time is more beneficial than staying on flat pavement. Going to different places on that two-mile walk can keep interest high with a variety of things to see. Different terrain allows people to spend more effort walking uphill when they’re feeling motivated and lets them stay on a flatter surface when they want to take it easier.

Choosing Shoes

When choosing Womens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA specifically for walking, it’s important to look for something that is light and able to breathe along the upper material. The heel should be a bit higher than the toe area, and the soles should have plenty of cushioning for shock-absorbing effects. Someone shopping for affordable shoes suitable for putting on many miles of walking might check out a website like .

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