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Creating Custom Shirts in Kansas City For A School Trip

When a classroom teacher decides to take their students on an educational trip, providing the group with Custom Shirts in Kansas City is an option. Wearing similar shirts helps to keep the students together and shows school pride to anyone who views the apparel. Here are some tips to consider when having shirts made for a class trip.

Ask Students To Help With The Design

It is fun for students to come up with a unique logo, slogan, or design for shirts they will wear to a class event. Ask each student to draw a mock shirt design to be evaluated. Students can vote on the design they feel best represents their class. If desired, each student can use their own design for their specific shirt. Adding wording to each shirt is an option to keep the tops uniform while being unique at the same time.

Consider The Colors Used When Designing

It is best to consider using contrasting colors when having shirts made. For example, if dark shirts are being worn, they will look their best if a light-colored print is used for text and pictures. This way the information is each to view and read. Consider using the same color of shirt for each student in the class. This will make it easier to locate a particular student when in a public setting where several other people are present.

Make Sure Extra Shirts Are Obtainable

Many people order shirts from a business, in bulk. It is best to locate a service that allows for additional shirts to be purchased if needed. Usually, a minimum number of shirts are ordered to get the best pricing possible. Being able to purchase just a few shirts for instances where additional staff members, parents, or students decide to go on the trip is desirable.

When there is a need to order Custom Shirts in Kansas City, finding a supplier known for their astounding customer service is beneficial. Contact us to find out more about the services we provide. Give a call to inquire about the process of shirt designing and ordering or check out our website for additional information.