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Do More than Dinner – Using Table Runners to Bring Style to Every Table

When we think of table runners, we typically think of those that adorn long, splendid tables at fine dining restaurants or wedding receptions. While this is certainly a great place to use a table runner, not all applications for these stylish additions require a dress or tie. There are many ways to utilize the table runner in your home or at your next event that will have your guests wanting to return to the table time and time again!

Bringing Your Table Together

There are many ways that table runners can add interest and appeal to your tables. Just a few of these include:

  • Step up the shine – If you’re looking to add elements such as sparkle or shine to your tables, a table runner with just the right amount can do so without overpowering other features.
  • In place of placemats – When placed across a table and draped in front of place settings on either side, a set of shorter table runners can make an interesting replacement for your typical placemats.
  • A layered effect – Choose table runners of a selected color and width and another set of a narrower width and complimentary color or pattern. Layered, they add visual appeal to your table without adding unnecessary items.

Everywhere Else

Dining tables shouldn’t be the only place your table runners get to shine. Consider using them for everything from end or bedside tables to glass-top furniture as a protective and decorative placemat. Also gorgeous draped over the top of a wooden bookcase or used to add festoon to a fireplace, these versatile tapestries have as many uses as you can imagine – and so many more!

When you’re ready to put table runners to work around your house – or simply need to purchase matching linens for your upcoming dinner or event – contact your local party and linen supplier. Ask about customized table runners, and see just how many ways you can use these gorgeous pieces in your dining hall – and everywhere else!