E Cigarette Drip Tips for a Better E-Smoking Experience

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Shopping

Most people choose e-cigarettes as an alternative to real tobacco cigarettes to avoid inhaling the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. Most people choose to buy e-cigarettes with cartomizers or disposable cartridges as they seem to be convenient. But to get the high levels of vapor clouds from e-cigarettes, it is best to go for e cigarette drip tips.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that help users to inhale vapors of nicotine or similar substances. It heats a liquid containing nicotine from a disposable cartridge or cartomizer. This releases a chemical-filled aerosol.

Problems with Disposable Cartridges and Cartomizers

Disposable cartridges do not provide the same level of satisfaction or quality, and vapor production decreases with continued usage. So you need to keep changing cartridges often. Again, at times the raw liquid sprays into the mouth at first draw creating an unpleasant e-smoking experience. Cartomizers, on the other hand, are convenient, last longer and provide more quantity of vapor. But the problem is that they are prefilled. The number of flavors available is limited to what the e-cigarette company offers.

Features of E Cigarette Drip Tips

Drip tips are available in different shapes and sizes. Length of the drip tip and materials used in manufacturing the drip tips affect the temperature of the vapors produced. Drip tips are usually made of materials like steel, ceramic, plastic or aluminum. Drip tips bring out an enhanced flavor of the liquid. It is cost-effective and offers better airflow. It provides unmatched clouds of vapor. The user has the freedom to switch between flavors of his or her choice.

Learning to Use an E Cigarette Drip Tip

Though it provides a satisfying e-smoking experience to advanced users, beginners take a little time to adjust, as they have to constantly drip juice to keep the atomizer’s wick moist. It is messy for beginners as it tends to leak. To prevent this, a drip shield is used to collect the leaks, and avoid the mess. Mastering the technique of drip tips requires some practice. The user needs to know how to get the maximum out of his or her e-cigarette like adding the right amount of liquid and adjusting the rhythm.

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