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How to Buy the Best Women’s Shoes in San Diego CA

Shoes are more than coverings for our feet. They can be the defining accessory and a pop of personality to any outfit. However, a cute shoe can be torture if it doesn’t fit properly, and, at other times, the price can be agonizing. Keep in mind; you don’t always have to sacrifice a week’s pay to buy stylish Women’s Shoes in San Diego CA. With a few helpful tips, you can find fabulous shoes that fit your feet and your budget.

First, always consider what you’ll be doing while you wear the shoe. Are you walking a great deal, or will you mostly be sitting at a desk? If you’re on your feet standing or walking all day, look for a supportive shoe with comfortable soles. If the bottom of the shoe is too thin, it’s not offering your foot any true protection or support from the ground you walk on. Sometimes, this can be solved by inserting gel insoles. Wedges are also a wonderful option because the platform heel acts as a shock absorber.

High heels are tricky. The shoe of choice for a number of women, a good heel never goes out of style, but they can be miserable to wear for long hours. Heels unnaturally force all of the weight onto the ball of your foot, and they are often so narrow that they squeeze your toes together. Look for heels that don’t pinch and or feel wobbly. Shoes do not truly stretch out, so, if it’s tight in the store, it will be tight at home. Good balance and weight distribution in a shoe don’t improve with time.

Shoes sizes aren’t standardized across designers, so don’t feel limited to one size. Feet can widen over time, especially if you’re expecting or have gained a little weight, so take that into consideration, as well. There should also be roughly a thumb’s-width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. If you absolutely can’t find a size that fits, don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion. The pain caused by a bad shoe isn’t just limited to your feet; it can affect your legs and back, as well. So put the cute, painful shoes back and try again.

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