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How to Start Your Very Own Collection of Special Kershaw Knives

You might hear Kershaw knife collectors telling you that you need to start with a specific type of blade if you plan to become a collector. However, you shouldn’t allow this kind of talk to influence you because Kershaw has made so many different types of knifes over the years that you could literally start with whatever kind of blade interests you.

The brand has long been associated with a variety of high-performance and custom knives. Some of these open automatically while others use a more traditional folding mechanism. Take a moment to consider your own personal preferences. If you plan to carry a Kershaw knife on a daily basis, then you might also want to consider your local laws and any rules set forth by your employer.

Those who are interested in more traditional styles shouldn’t find any difficulty gathering a large collection of knives based around this paradigm. Likewise, those who are more into collecting modern automatic blades won’t have any issues doing the same.

At various times, Kershaw has manufactured pocketknives as well as those intended for the sporting market. They’ve even made some types of kitchen cutlery, which might be of interest to those who primarily want to have a series of showpieces that they could use for display purposes.

Assisted opening knives are perhaps among their most popular models, but once again you won’t need to let anyone else’s tastes besides your own dictate how you start your collection.

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