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Summer Weddings And Table Linens

Outdoor weddings have always been popular, but they are one of the biggest trends in wedding styles. This is not just in the more rural areas of the country as summer outdoor weddings are also popular in large cities.

There are some important considerations when decorating for summer outdoor weddings. Choosing the right table linens to create the look you want while also having fabric that will stand up to whatever conditions exist on your special day is important.

Weather Issues

It can be very difficult to plan an outdoor wedding. It is hard to know months in advance what the weather will be, so most people also have a backup plan if the weather turns rainy or there is some type of bad weather issue.

However, even on the nicest summer day, wind and breezy conditions are likely to occur. By choosing slightly heavier fabrics in table linens, you can help to limit the problem of excessive blowing and movement that can create a problem.

In addition, if you were going to use voile or tulle for swagging or draping, the wind will be more of a factor. Choosing to perhaps use a table runner or overlay provides the option of color and texture without the problems of tulle or voile.

Color Choices

Remember, if you are having a daytime wedding and reception in the summer the sunlight will be a factor for pictures and video. Generally, darker or more vibrant colors tend to show up better in bright sunlight, so choosing table linens that provide a contrast will allow you to get better images and to add a dash of color.

Pastel colors can also look very nice, but they may also appear washed out in very bright sun. Consider the location of your tables and the color choices of the tablecloths, napkins, and runners to create just the look you want for your wedding.