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Tactical Gear for Playing Airsoft Games

CQB or Close Quarter Combat is a game played by many Airsoft gun owners because they love the thrill of being in a pretend, yet intense battle. In order to play at CQB you need more than just an appropriate airsoft gun, you also need tactical gear and appropriate safety items.

However, the choice of an appropriate airsoft gun is still vital to your success, as you need a good handgun, and it also is a good idea to have a secondary weapon like and AEG assault rifle. Airsoft experts at your local outlet can help you decide which weapon is best for your upcoming battle, as well as the type of tactical gear you need! We have loads of items to browse through and customer service people standing by to answer all of your questions.

Types of Tactical Gear for Best Results

When getting involved in CQB you will want the best possible tactical gear with you. There are several items that are recommended to start, such as safety goggles to protect your eyes, camouflage clothing and hat, along with protective vests, and a good pair of boots. You will also want binoculars, some knives and survival tools, hydration pack or canteen for water, and fake knives for the pretend fighting.

All of this tactical gear is available at your nearest Airsoft store for your CQB games. We can outfit you with all the protective clothing, weapons, and other tactical gear accessories. Of course we can also supply you with the ammo for your airsoft guns, and the CO2 or gas propane to run them so you won’t run out of firepower during your adventure.

Safety First in All Kinds of CQB Play is Best

The most important thing you will need for the best CQB experience is safety gear, as it’s always possible someone could be injured even though it is just a play battle. Be sure to have a first aid kit with you, as well as all of the protective gear our experts advise, like the goggles, face mask, chest plates, etc. Remember, having fun is the main idea in CQB, not getting injured, so be prepared with the right tactical gear.

Airsoft GI has a huge collection of all the right safety and combat gear you could possibly need for CQB, as well as offering all kinds of airsoft guns and accessories for other ventures.