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The Benefits Of A Solar Flashlight

Solar flashlight; those two words seem like a contradiction in terms, why would anyone buy a device that is designed exclusively for use in the dark knowing that without the sun it will not work? When you take into account the rapid advances in battery technology you quickly realize that the idea has tremendous merit. From only a few hours in the sun the solar flashlight batteries can charge, making the light readily available well into the future.

The benefits of solar flashlights:

A solar flashlight is less costly to operate and an environmentally friendly product. Once you opt for solar power you rely on the energy of the sun rather than harmful chemicals that are used in the manufacture of disposable batteries. Not only do solar flashlights have a positive impact on the environment, there is no need to purchase expensive batteries.

Regular batteries eventually have to be disposed of, although there are approved methods of doing this, there are still hundreds of thousands that find their way to a land fill site, there is a distinct possibility that the chemicals will find their way into the ground which is problematic.

Selecting a solar flashlight:

There are a couple of important factors that you should take into account when considering the purchase of a solar flashlight:

* Charge vs. usage time: The last thing you want is a solar powered device that takes a long time to fully charge and then quickly drain. Pay particular attention to the specs, the best solar flashlights work for many hours after a single charge.

* Construction: Flashlights are often used in emergency and outdoor situations, as such look for a unit that is made from lightweight aluminum and designed to resist shocks and water.

A well made solar flashlight can be an important part of your survival gear, whether you use it while camping and away from a power source or when you have a power failure at home, it will be ready when you need it.

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