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Tips When Applying Perfume for Women in Brooklyn, CT

Perfume is the final touch of any woman’s ensemble. Ideally, the perfume will complement the entire look. However, perfume can actually ruin an aesthetic experience. Here are 4 tips when applying perfume for women in Brooklyn, CT.

1. Less Is More

The cardinal sin of perfume is using too much. You don’t want any perfume you use to overwhelm the senses of the people around you. Some people have a sensitivity to perfume or may not share the same olfactory preferences as you. Use only enough perfume to leave a lingering pleasant scent throughout the night.

2. Placement

In order to get the best results from your perfume, you should place the perfume in the proper places on your body: the neck and the wrists. Some women will also add a drop under the armpits or the breasts.

3. Choose Scents Thoughtfully

There are a number of different scents out there. It’s important to pick the right scent for the outfit and the occasion. You may choose a rustic scent for an outdoor occasion. If you are wearing bright colors, you might want a loud citrus scent to complement the bold colors. For a holiday party, you may choose something warmer.

If you don’t know what scent you should wear, a sales associate should be able to help you. Your scent becomes a part of who you are, so you need to pick a scent that represents you properly. When you need perfume for women in Brooklyn, CT, contact Osme Perfumery at