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What Is the Best Material for Clay Planters?

When choosing clay planters for your garden, it’s important to find the right type of clay to ensure the plants you put in them are able to stay healthy and thrive, not only now, but throughout the season and potentially for years to come. There are a few options to consider, but for many people, terracotta is ultimately the best option overall when it comes to choosing clay planters. This is because in addition to the beauty of terracotta, there are many benefits with this material.

Benefits of Terracotta

Among the many benefits of terracotta when it comes to clay planters is the fact that it is a porous material. This means that air and water are able to move through the sides of the pot, which can stave off common problems that occur with overwatering, such as root rot. This does mean those taking care of plants need to be careful to watch their plants and be sure their plants are watered on a regular basis, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure their precious plants are able to thrive and live longer, healthier lives.

Finding Quality Terracotta

Terracotta can be found just about anywhere, but the best terracotta is made in Italy and is hand crafted and frost proof. When you are searching for terracotta clay planters, be sure you get authentic materials and don’t settle for potentially fragile clay planters that won’t provide you with what you need for your home garden. Good terracotta doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but should be of good quality that will last you for years to come. After all, you want your clay planters to be home to your plants for a long while.

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