5 Business Items You Shouldn’t Buy From Office Supply Stores

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Shopping

Most businesses rely heavily on office supply stores to keep business humming. It may surprise you to know that this may not be the best place to purchase items for your business. You can save money and, often time, as well by purchasing many of the items you need from a retail warehouse with a delivery service instead. Here are five business items you shouldn’t buy from traditional office supply stores.

1. Office Chairs – Replacement chairs for workers’ desks can be a big expense, especially if you’re buying these one at a time. If you can afford to buy these in bulk, you can save money by buying three or four at a time from a retail warehouse and keeping one or two in the box in storage in your office. However, even if you must purchase these one at a time, you may still get a better deal at the retail warehouse.

2. Office Supplies – You might be surprised to learn that the warehouse store is the best place to purchase items like pens, pads and other commonly used items. The warehouse store offers all these items in large quantities at great prices, so you can order less frequently, saving you time and money.

3. Office Kitchen Items – Coffee, coffee cups, stir sticks, sugar, etc. are other items you should buy from a retail warehouse. The prices are better, and you often have a larger selection of coffee and tea.

4. Paper products. Toilet paper and paper towels are less expensive at a retail warehouse. You will need a place to store these bulk items, but you will love having to reorder less frequently.

5. Gifts for Customers and Suppliers- When it’s time to buy corporate gifts check out the retail warehouse first. You can find a wide range of gift baskets with food items, wine and other great looking gifts. It’s easy to purchase all your corporate gifts in one order so you can mark that “to do” off your holiday list.

To make your life even easier, don’t forget to work with a specialty delivery service to bring those office supplies right to your door. In New York City, having business items delivered makes particularly good sense, since shopping can be so time consuming. Once you make the switch to a retail warehouse, you’ll never look back.

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