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How is a Ring Resized by a Jewelry Expert in Jacksonville FL

Occasionally, when you purchase a ring it may not fit properly. The ring may be too big or too small to fit comfortably upon your finger. This makes it difficult to wear and enjoy the ring, as you fear the ring may slip off.

Luckily, many jewelry stores offer a Ring Resizing Service in Jacksonville FL. A ring sizing service allows individuals to make the size of a ring bigger or small. The ring resizing process is a complex process that takes time and a steady hand.

If you are considering having a ring resized, the following is a look at the process most stores that specialize in jewelry in Jacksonville FL will follow.

The first step in the ring resizing process is to determine if the ring will need to be made bigger or small. If the ring is made smaller, the jeweler will have to remove a portion of the metal from the shank of the ring. If the ring is made larger, the jeweler will have to add an additional piece of metal, called a plug, to the shank or band of the ring.

No matter what process is used, the jeweler will need to make a small cut into the band of the ring. This cut will allow the jeweler to add or remove metal from the band to achieve the size that is desired.

Once it has been determined what process will be used, the jeweler will move onto the next step of the sizing process. The next step involves the use of a mandrel, or a cone-shaped tool that has all the markings for various ring sizes. The jeweler will place the ring onto the mandrel and slip it to the desired size.

After it has been on the desired size, the jeweler will solder the ring together. If the ring is being made bigger, the process involves soldering the ring with the extra metal or plug. If it is being made smaller, it involves taking the two ends and soldering it together.

The ring sizing process is extremely complex, which is why it is important to go to an expert. People can consider going to Premier Jewelers, as they specialize in Jewelry in Jacksonville FL and offer resizing services.