Spread the Word and Access to Delicious Product With a Coffee Bike

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Bicycle Shop

Food trucks and sidewalk snack vendors are as timeless and American as it gets. What if you like the idea of a food truck and sidewalk vending, but not all the maintenance? If you’re trying to get your coffee to customers in an effective, attention-grabbing way that doesn’t require tons of overhead or maintenance, you should consider a coffee bike. Here’s why.

A Bicycle Built for Everybody

A sturdy bike with a 3×8, or 24-speed, drivetrain makes your commute comfortable, quick and enjoyable. Bikes have all the aesthetic beauty of trucks without the bulk, weaving much more deftly through busy traffic, through crowded street fairs, into fairgrounds and onto sidewalks when permitted.

Since your legs are the main power source, a coffee bike only requires your muscle to get it where it needs to go. Leave behind worries about gas prices, greenhouse emissions and your expanding carbon footprint. Even better, since you’ll be selling coffee, do a few of your own shots and get to your setup destination even faster and with all kinds of bells on!

Key Features to Support Your Coffee Business

A coffee bike is ideal for coffee startups and established local purveyors. Bikes boast complete nitrogen setups with hoses and tanks to dish out all manner of cold, hot and craft espresso beverages. Capacities up to 9 gallons let you hold tons of fresh brew or cold-brewed concentrate.

Thanks to insulated cargo with cold plates, you can dish up scrumptious eats to accompany all your fresh joe. Spring loaded cup holders dispense grande and venti Solo products to keep the thronging masses quenched with a quickness. Internal tie-downs ensure that food, beverages and supplies don’t go topsy-turvy. An air spring lift, butcher-style tabletop pops up conveniently when it’s time for service and looks fantastic.

Faucet taps and a drip tray that drains into a removable container make all-day cleanup a cinch. The icing on the cake is the optional umbrella. It lets you rock in cool, crisp comfort on the hottest days, so you can maximize sales during bright days or even heatwaves.

We are the leading supplier of coffee bicycles, the fascinating details of which you can learn about at the website. Swing by and see why bikes are the new, here-to-stay wave-in-the-easy, attractive provision of outstanding sidewalk food service.

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