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Start the New Year with Two Easy Exercise Goals

With 2018 near, many men are considering trying out a new athletic hobby or making healthy lifestyle changes. It’s common for some men to make new year resolutions revolving around health trends. They’ll buy expensive workout clothes, mens workout shoes, and fitness equipment that never gets used. Some men don’t succeed with their resolutions because the goals that they have set for themselves are too lofty, and some men get bored with their new goals. Rather than following health trends, consider a lifestyle change in 2018. Here are two easy, maintainable exercise goals:

At-Home Workouts

The hardest part of adopting a new, healthy lifestyle is the first workout after neglecting exercise for such a long time. One reasonable goal for the new year is to make a habit of exercising, even if it’s only ten minutes a day. If you haven’t exercised for years and you attempt an hour of exercise in the gym, you may be miserable by the end of it. Rather than attempting to lose weight fast by exhausting yourself, start by introducing your body to the habit of moving with the purpose for a short period of time. Gradually increase your workouts. You can start this at home and eventually move into a gym. If you’re still maintaining your habit of moving with purpose by the end of January, reward yourself with some athletic gear or mens workout shoes.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for beginners. Swimming involves moving multiple muscle groups, and it’s very low impact, meaning that sore and swollen joints are less likely at the end of a workout. Gym equipment, such as the treadmill and the elliptical, can make you defeated after a workout, especially if you’re sore and overheated by the end of your exercise time. In water, you will feel more supported and are less likely to overheat. You can start by swimming gentle laps, and after adjusting to the movement, you can begin to time your laps.