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The Benefits of A Tempur Pedic in D’Iberville Ms.

Buying a new mattress is the best gift you can give your sleeping self you’ll ever buy. Better than sheets or pajamas, a mattress sets the tone for your entire night’s sleep. An old or inadequate mattress will cause a host of health problems, and can leave you feeling fatigued, cranky or even prone to confusion the next day. A Tempur Pedic in D’Iberville is the best way to ensure that you come home with the best possible mattress; one that will give you a great night’s rest.

Long Lasting Foam

Purchasing a Tempur Pedic in D’Iberville will ensure that you get the best foam available on the market. These mattresses won’t sag or loosen, and last years longer than the competition. The foam used is the best available, and will contour to the unique shape of your body, making the mattress seem almost custom-made. This foam also helps take the pressure off your joints, literally. While spring coil mattresses push against sensitive pressure points, Tempur pedic mattresses move around them, giving you a perfectly painless sleeping experience.

Flexibility With Bed Frame

A Tempur pedic mattress gives the buyer flexibility when it comes to choosing a bedframe. Adjustable frames are becoming incredibly popular, and are dipping in price to the point where they are an affordable alternative to a static frame. These frames provide even more comfort, allowing each partner to control his or her side, making each nigh comfortable and relaxing.


Tempur pedic mattresses all come with a fantastic warranty. Most warranties drop in value as the years go on, just the same way the mattress does. A Tempur pedic warranty does not, and in many cases they will simply replace the mattress if it wears out before the warranty expires, they will replace it hassle free.

Space Age Technology

Tempur pedic took an idea NASA had for cushioning the blow of a rocket and applied it to the comfort of their customers. There are virtually no other sleep-related companies who have that kind of science behind their mattresses. The bed was literally designed to be as soft and flexible as possible.


The average person tosses and turns upwards of sixty times per night in a standard coil bed. With a Tempur pedic mattress, this number reduces drastically. The mattress contours to the shape of the sleeper’s body, without pushing on painful pressure spots or causing neck and back pain the morning after.

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