How to Avoid Looking Tacky with Jewelry

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Jewelry

If you walk into a room wearing a beautiful and expensive diamond tennis bracelet, no one will think you’re cheap. But what if you want to save money on jewelry and you have to engage in cost-cutting strategies? After all, not everyone has an unlimited income like the “rich and famous.” Here are some helpful tips for choosing jewelry that doesn’t appear gaudy or cheap so that you can look your best.

Choose Adult Jewelry

Maybe you found some really cute earrings or a necklace that you think is nice. Before you buy, ask yourself, would a child or adolescent be interested in this item? If so, you may want to think again. Of course, you can always buy it for the young person on your gift list.

Don’t Shine Too Bright

Have you ever seen a quality diamond tennis bracelet that was extremely bright and shiny? It’s fine for the stones to have plenty of fire, but if you have a bracelet or ring with very shiny metal, it looks cheap. Gold, silver, and platinum are shiny, but not like cheap costume jewelry (that’s been painted). Remember, beware of shiny settings. If you want to buy an inexpensive ring, choose cheaper gold or a darker color metal.

Be Careful with Antique Rings

Antique rings are very trendy but not cheap looking ones. Choose an antique piece from a trusted jeweler and select cheaper stones. In fact, you may want to look at black diamonds, sapphires, or other alternatives. This will give you a lovely setting while keeping the costs down.

Shop Where the Prices are Low and the Quality is High

If you want a great looking diamond tennis bracelet or other jewelry, go to a reputable jeweler with a large online selection. They’ll have affordably priced items that don’t look like they came from a bubble gum machine or discount department store.

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