How to Best Protect Your Home with LED Security Lights from Dusk to Dawn

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Bulbs

When you discuss protecting your property with your local law enforcement officers, they will probably suggest that you should keep your property well-lit between the hours of Sundown and Sunrise. The installation of LED security lights, dusk to dawn will provide you with an outstanding cover around your property and help burglars move to a less lit home or commercial premises elsewhere.

Which Lights to Choose From?

When you visit your experienced lighting and security store or check out their online catalogs, you will be presented with a wide variety of options and alternatives.

For LED security lights from dusk to dawn you may select motion sensor lights where the movement of an individual around your property will turn the lights on. Most are well protected so that a small cat will not trigger the lighting.

You could choose to use LED floodlights which will cover the entire area between your property and the yard with so much lighting that no one could pass through without being seen or captured on your security cameras.

Considering the environment, you may choose LED security lights from dawn to dusk that work from solar power. They will have been storing the energy from the sun during the day and have enough power to work throughout the Sundown to Sunrise period.

Apart from solar power, you will have to pay for lighting your property out of daylight hours, and this may be the reason that some individuals choose motion sensor lights. This means they only operate when they are triggered by a person walking through their field of motion.

The lights coming on may be enough to remind the individuals inside that the motion sensors have been triggered. Where you have chosen to leave LED floodlights on and throughout the evening and night, you may not notice an individual passing through the lights unless you happen to be looking at that area.

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