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Choosing Custom Furniture in Manhattan, NY for Guest Rooms

An individual or couple may buy a beautiful, large house with the intention of having guests stay over on a regular basis. Perhaps they have close friends and family members who live a few hours away, and they would like these people to spend lots of time at this new home. Creating a comfortable, luxurious guest room or two helps entice all those loved ones to come for regular weekend visits. A supplier of Custom Furniture in Manhattan, NY helps with this goal.

The homeowners have specific ideas of how they want these rooms to look. This might be an elegant environment or a rustic one, a cozy place to relax, or a spacious area in which someone can work on the computer if necessary. Some people love the appearance of rich, dark wood, while others want lighter-colored furnishings for more casual surroundings. If two rooms are available, two entirely different designs can be developed. No matter what the homeowners would like in the quest to help their guests feel pampered and comfortable, suppliers of custom furniture in Manhattan, NY are ready to assist with the design.

What type of furniture should they choose? For one guest room, a queen-sized bed is probably a must, and a king-sized bed may be even more preferable. The second guest room could have two twin or two full beds. This is an ideal setup when parents and kids come to visit or when a few friends plan to stay for the weekend. Another possibility would be having a custom-designed sofa that folds out into a full or double bed. Now there’s the convenience of seating and more space when the bed isn’t being used.

A dresser can be provided for guests who plan to stay for a week or longer. Two or three easy chairs allow people to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in a private morning moment before joining the rest of the household for the day’s activities. A desk with an office chair makes life easier for the person who must get some work done even while on vacation. Contact Esquire to discuss various possibilities of custom furniture for guest rooms.