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How the Glock’s Design Made it the Go-To Handgun Across the Globe

Many gun enthusiasts will make the case that the Glock is the ultimate weapon. People believe this because of the durability, reliability and ease of shooting offered by the gun’s seemingly perfect design. What makes the Glock so good is its dedication to simplicity. The basic, lightweight design allows the user to easily maintain and carry the handgun. Find out why many people agree that Glocks are the best designed firearms on the market.

A Little History

Originally, Glock wasn’t even a firearms company. Instead, the company focused on other military weapons, such as grenades. The company as we know it today didn’t come in to its own until the 1970s. It would take another ten years or so for Glocks to be introduced in the U.S. In fact, militaries and police forces in Europe were already aware of the sheer brilliance of the Glock. Despite the huge popularity of Glocks in contemporary America, Americans were a little late to the Glock party.

Original Versions

It would be hard for any unfamiliar with firearms to distinguish and early model Glock from the current ones. The styling largely remains the same. The fact that the design has lasted this long shows how ingenious it was from the beginning. Of course, some of the internal mechanisms (such as the Glock barrel) have changed with time, but it is basically the same.

Why People Choose Glocks

Why most firearm users end up choosing a Glock comes down to a few factors. They include the following:

  • Ease of use
  • A wide range of features
  • Interchangeable parts
  • An active aftermarket

First, Glocks are incredibly simple. Even the most amateur firearm user will have no problem disassembling the gun. Therefore, Glocks are extremely easy to clean. Glocks also have a lot of features that keep users satisfied. For example, there are several different calibers, size ranges and sighting options. It is also possible to interchange magazines and Glock barrels from other similar models. Furthermore, it is easy to visit a gun shop and find any type of accessory you want for your Glock. When you put it all together, the Glock is an amazing firearm.

Are You Convinced?

If you were on the fence about whether Glock makes the best handguns available, the above information should convince you. There is a reason why professionals choose this brand over others. It is hard to beat everything Glock has to offer.

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