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Choosing the Right Coffee Equipment for Your Office

A coffee machine is a vital piece of equipment for any office. Coffee not only fuels productivity and keeps employees going on those dreary Monday mornings, but it also boosts your company culture. Getting up to grab a cup of joe offers employees a much-needed mental break and an opportunity to bond with coworkers. There are many varieties of coffee equipment out there. Here are some tips to help you choose the right coffee equipment for your office.


How many people in your office drink coffee? How big is your office? If you only have a small office, you may consider a traditional filter coffee machine that brews a pot size of your choice at a time. If only a couple of employees drink coffee or you prefer to have each cup brewed fresh, a pod machine, which instantly brews a single cup from a prepackaged pod, is another good option.


How much do you care about the quality of your coffee? Do you and your employees drink anything labeled “coffee,” or do you have preferences on freshness of brew and bean quality? Bulk brew filter machines can make coffee for the masses from freshly ground coffee beans, while machines that provide instant single cups can’t guarantee quality. If you have an office of coffee connoisseurs, equipment favoring quality over convenience is a better option.

Espresso vs. Coffee

Do you want a machine that can make espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos? If you’re looking for espresso drinks over coffee, consider an espresso machine instead of a coffee machine. If you want one that does both instantly, some machines can provide that although the quality isn’t top notch.

Professional Guidance

If you still feel lost on which coffee machine to buy, a professional equipment supplier can help. Whether you’re looking for commercial coffee equipment in Los Angeles or another city, try contacting a supplier. They can work with you to discuss which machine best fits your coffee needs to fuel your office.

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