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Diamond Wedding Bands For Couples

While traditionally only the wedding set for the wife contained diamonds, and this was often exclusive to the engagement ring, this trend has really changed over the last few decades.

Today, more than ever matching diamond wedding bands are a popular choice for couples either as their rings for an upcoming wedding or as an upgrade from the original gold bands.

Identical or Similar Design Elements

There are really two options if you wish to create a matching look to wedding bands. The one option is to buy a set of diamond wedding bands that are designed by the jeweler to be identical to each other.

To make these rings look appropriate for both men and women, the design is carefully selected so it looks good on both the narrower ring for the female hand and the wider band for the man. This doesn’t mean that the rings are plain, and couple’s wedding bands with diamonds can be very detailed and designed or more simple and streamlined.

Setting Options

For wedding bands for both men and women that are matching in the design, rows of smaller diamond chips are often used to create a pattern. These can be placed in a channel type of setting around the middle of the band either encircling the complete band or on the front half.

There is also the option to have the diamonds run crosswise across the band, and this creates and interesting and different look. Smaller and larger diamonds can also be used to make the rings appear balanced for both the wider men’s band and the narrower band for the women.

Similar Bands

Another option for couples is to choose a bridal set for her and a wedding band for him that match but are not identical. This is a unique and personalized look that ensures you won’t see other couples with the exact same set of wedding rings.

When making this type of selection keep in mind that the goal is not to have completely matching diamond wedding bands, but rather to choose bands that complement each other.

Often couples that choose this option may opt for a larger center stone in the man’s band, which can still be inset into the right design. This can be cut and shaped to match the diamond on the engagement ring and any pattern in the diamonds to the side, creating a great pairing that will be uniquely your own.