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How To Compare Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

An alternative to naturally occurring diamonds that are mined in countries around the world is now available in the form of lab created diamonds. Quality gemstones in lab grown diamond engagement rings are impossible to detect and are indistinguishable from natural diamonds to all but the most trained diamond experts.

These engagement rings have the natural sparkle, dazzle, brilliance, and fire of natural diamonds, with the added advantage of being more affordable. The lab created diamonds can be cut like traditional diamonds, creating stunning classic options in engagement rings or in bespoke designs that show your love.

Shop a Trusted Source

As with natural diamonds, it is important to shop for lab grown diamond engagement rings with an understanding of what makes a quality stone and ring. Ideally, start by working with a trusted, reputable jewellery shop specializing in lab created diamonds.

Avoid purchasing either loose stones or lab grown diamond wedding jewellery from unknown retailers or from private sellers. Unfortunately, there are disreputable people selling poor quality lab grown diamonds to unsuspecting buyers. In working with a trusted retailer, buyers have complete confidence in the quality of the lab grown diamond.

Consider the Cut

Many people confuse the terms shape and cut when talking about gemstones. The cut of lab grown diamond engagement rings is the proportions used by the gemcutter to create the facets of the stone. The greater the symmetry and the precision of the cut, the greater the reflective qualities or the natural fire and brilliance of the stone.

Consider the Style and Size

With a wide range of styles and sizes of rings and lab grown diamonds, selecting an engagement ring that suits the person wearing the ring is important. The size and shape of the diamond, the height of the diamond from the band, and the size and design of the band are all essential to consider.

As a general guideline, choosing a smaller engagement ring for an individual with smaller hands provides more balance. Longer hands and fingers lend themselves to wider bands and larger diamonds. Trying on the engagement ring often helps determine which size, shape, and style is the perfect choice.