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Sell Coins and Collections; Get Excellent Prices in Chicago

For many people, individual coins, or a complete coin collection, may come to them as part of an estate that often includes other assets such as land, investments, automobiles, etc. In many cases, the coins are the smallest part of the inheritance, and as such, the individual that inherited the collection would like to sell coins for the best possible price. A reputable Chicago coin dealer will tell you how to proceed with the sale.

Do Not Clean the Coins

A good part of the value of a coin is their original condition. Silver and gold will tarnish, but if the coin is cleaned, the process will devalue them.

Get a Sense of the Collections Value

If the collection is not accompanied by a valued inventory, it is possible, with the help of numismatic books and catalogs as well as the internet, to estimate the value. It is important to determine if you have inherited a true collection or little more than an accumulation of coins, which were of interest to the owner but has little or no value.

Have the Coins Valued by a Reputable Coin Dealer

When you decide to sell coins, have them valued by a reputable dealer, one that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has expert numismatists who can give an accurate appraisal of the value.

There are opportunities available in Chicago when it comes to selling the coins. An estate sale usually results in the smallest return, or you could try to sell coins over the internet, but there are risks.

Perhaps the best way is to work with a local coin dealer. The dealer will evaluate and purchase an entire collection or individual coins outright, affording you a fair price and an immediate sale.

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