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Tips On Purchasing Mens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA

Not all tennis shoes are made equal. A proper-fitting and well-made shoe are essential to maintaining good foot health. While buying Mens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA may seem like a pretty straight-forward thing to do, there are some tips to follow when out shopping. Here are a few things the experts suggest when the need for tennis shoes arrives.

Never Multitask

When it comes to shoes, each different type is made with a different intended purpose. For instance, walking shoes are made more stiffly than other shoes, while tennis shoes offer more flexibility and cushioning. The extra cushioning is for the extra impact the feet endure when running. If engaging in multiple activities, make sure to buy the proper shoe.

Learn Your Foot

While most people have ten toes per foot, that is about as far as foot comparisons can go. In reality, everybody has different sized and shaped feet. It is no wonder then that shoes come in different models and styles. To perform a test on the foot to ensure proper fit of Mens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA, experts recommend what is called a “wet test.” This is done by wetting the feet and then stepping upon a brown paper towel or another piece of paper. While standing on the paper, trace the feet.

Reading The Results

  • If the foot imprint does not show any curve on the inside, or if there is excessive wear on the inside of the edge of the shoe, this means the person has overpronation. This is defined as the feet rolling inward. The shoe that should be purchased in these cases should be of the motion-control variety.
  • If the print shows mainly the forefoot and heel with a narrow bridge between the two, this means the foot is underpronated. This means the feet roll inward and the shoe to be purchased should offer maximum cushioning.
  • If the print shows a curve along the inside, this means the foot is neutral. The shoe the customer buys should have an equal balance of cushioning and support.

If someone is ever in doubt over what tennis shoes to buy, they can always ask the experienced staff at a professional shoe store such as $10 Shoe Store and More. It always a good idea to take care of the feet. Follow us on Twitter.