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What Makes Italian Terracotta Pots The Gold Standard in Planters?

Italian terracotta pots have been the gold standard choice for garden use on estates around the world. Let’s explore some of the reasons why Italian terracotta pots are considered the best pick in planters.

Simply Basic Is Simply Beautiful

Italian terracotta pots are created from a simply basic recipe which includes clay from the earth. This basic but important element in Italian terracotta pots has stood the test of time. Not only is it intricate in design with its wide variety of uses, but also in its durability to withstand heat and cold in large pot sizes.

Stately Estates

When it comes to establishing the tone of an estate, Italian terracotta pots are the choice of estate owners and their gardeners. When estates are passed down from generation to generation, many things might be updated and recreated. One of the items used the most in maintaining the level of beauty of an estate is Italian terracotta pots.

Botanical Gardens

The beauty of botanical gardens flows well with the natural beauty of Italian terracotta pots. The pots maintain well in large indoor greenhouses as well as on the paths of the gardens outside. Master planning a landscaping project in the gardens. This is easier when you have a natural material that lends itself to the surrounding décor of plants and other foliage.

Spas and Resorts

Nothing says relaxation more than seeing large Italian terracotta pots lining the area of a sparkling blue swimming pool or reflection pond. Whether at a villa in Tuscany, a spa in California or a resort in Arizona, Italian terracotta pots will always fit your landscaping needs.

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