Educate Your Customers and Clients on Real Remy Indian Temple Hair Benefits

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Hair Distributor

People want their hairstyles to look and feel beautiful without chemical toxins, harsh irritants and artificial ingredients. Unfortunately, marketing ploys mislead many people to believe their extensions come from all-natural human hair when they do not.

Synthetic Hair Signs

Often people are unaware they didn’t buy non chemically processed hair until braids, weaves or extensions become quite uncomfortable. This is because small amounts of virgin hair have been blended with chemicals and fake substances, including plastic, to increase product quantities.
Synthetic hair signs include:

• Tangling and knotting during installation

• Extreme shedding and loss of shine after installation

• Itching and irritation leading to removal

Remy Indian temple hair looks and feels better.

Real Indian temple hair is certified by the Indian Government. It was donated by Indian women who shave and donate their hair to temples as a religious tradition. The hair is then auctioned to benefit local temples and communities.

The difference is:

• Lighter weight
• Better handling
• Lasting shine
• Style durability

Long-term Considerations and Benefits

Stylists, customers and clients invest in global communities as well as their health when they buy non chemically processed hair. Additionally, their styles look better for longer without discomforts and wastes of money.

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