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Get the Body Jewelry You Want to Express Your Personal Style

Whether you have an outgoing sense of style that comes with several piercings or you’re a professional piercing specialist, has all the supplies you need. You can get quality piercing tools to ensure that all your clients are satisfied and receiving their piercing in the most sanitary fashion.

Piercing tools include kits that contain barbells for piercing ear cartilage, noses and belly buttons. The kits also come with disposable forceps to ensure that each of your clients is being pierced with clean and germ-free materials. You’ll also get a pair of gloves so that bacteria won’t travel from your hands to the client’s body or vice versa. Piercing kits also come with aftercare solution that contains tea tree oil and sea salt to disinfect the piercing and keep it looking its best.

Once you have all the piercing tools you need, you can choose from the variety of body jewelry available so you can offer these stylish options to your customers. You can present your clients with traditional earrings and ear weights in gold, silver or several colorful stones. also offers beautiful nose rings featuring shapes like hearts and stars. Some nose rings also display birthstones to further personalize the piercing.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for a piercing, you can choose from non-piercing body jewelry to determine how a new nose ring, belly button ring or lip ring will look on you. also offers rings and necklaces to add to your jewelry collection and keep you looking your best.