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The Style Of A Zari Embroidered Kurta

There are many different types of embroidery and needlework used to create the designs and elaborate patterns found on kurta and other garments popular in India. One of the most popular is the Zari embroidered kurta, which is an ideal option for a festival, special event, or even as a business and professional addition to the wardrobe.

The History of Zari Embroidery

Traditional styles of Zari embroidery date back to the 12th century, when it was first introduced to India. It originated in central Asia and included the use of metallic threads that also incorporated other design elements, which often had beads and smaller or larger spangles and ornamental design elements.

While traditional Zari zardozi is still found on wedding garments and festival wear, there is a more subtle style of embroidery used today. A Zari embroidered kurta does not necessarily use the highly ornate patterns of embroidery. Instead, it uses metallic thread to add to the design elements of the kurta in a more subtle and modern style.

Old and New

A Zari embroidered kurta on a solid color allows the embroidery to stand out. When placed vertically down the front of the kurta it creates a long, flowing look. Additional design elements embroidered on the sleeves of the kurta compliment the flashes of color in the embroidery, adding an elegance and understated style.

Paired with narrow leg trousers, this kurta style is perfect for women of all ages and all body shapes. It is an ideal melding of old traditions and new styles.