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What are the Largest Diamonds in the World?

For thousands of years, diamonds have captured the imagination of mankind. They have a special sparkle. They are very rare and extremely hard and durable, and just about everyone in Atlanta (and the rest of the planet) wants to own them. In addition, when it comes to these popular stones, bigger is better. Here are some of the most famous (and biggest) special stones in history and a brief story behind them.

Spirit of de Grisogono

Not much is known about this huge black diamond except its weight is about 312 carats and it came from Central Africa a few decades ago. In fact, its owner and whereabouts are unknown today.

Cullinan II

This stone came from the same large stone as its larger sibling the Cullinan I. In fact, the royal family owns all the large stones cut from the original and this one is in the Imperial State Crown. It weighs an amazing 317 carats and is valued in the neighborhood of 200 million dollars. But don’t worry. When you shop for diamonds in Atlanta you’ll find much lower prices than the Cullinan selections.


Would you believe this 407 carat sparkler was discovered by a child near a diamond mine in the Congo back in 1984? It was sitting in a rubble pile and originally weighed nearly 900 carats before cutting. This stone is a fancy brown color with shades of yellow. It is relatively flawless and if you wish to buy it you would need at least 20 million dollars, if the owner was willing to part with it.

Great Star of Africa

Also called the Cullinan I, it was considered the largest of its kind in the world for many years. It weighs in at an amazing 530 carats and you will find it today in the British Crown Jewels set within the Royal Scepter. This stone was originally part of an extremely large stone weighing over three thousand carats and the main stone was cut into nine separate stones. Due to its royal heritage, the Cullinan I is worth around four hundred million dollars.

Golden Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee is about 15 carats heavier than the Cullinan I. It appeared in South Africa in the mid 1980s and had no name until the King of Thailand received it in honor of being on the throne for fifty years. Some estimate its value as much as 12 million dollars.

You may not find diamonds in Atlanta weighing hundreds of carats, but you can buy some exceptional stones when you visit a reputable jeweler with a reputation for quality and top service.