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When Should You Buy the Engagement Ring?

Is it best to purchase an engagement ring before you propose, or should you wait until you are both agreeable upon the marriage process and can organize the purchase of unique engagement rings?

Traditional Engagements Still Exist

There are still circumstances where an individual will approach their intended’s father and asked permission to broach the discussion about being coming engaged, with the intention of marriage.

Couples used to become engaged at an earlier age, but lifestyles have changed immensely over the past few decades and most couples decide to get engaged at a time that suits them, their circumstances and quite often, their financial situation. They are also more likely to take time selecting unique engagement rings, perhaps matching as part of a process where the couple make all the decisions, rather than leaving many of the choices to their parents.

More Couples Live Together First

Within traditional etiquette, couples would never consider living together before the marriage ceremony. In modern times, especially as both parties to a couple are often working, the relationship can be financially closer to yesteryear. This means that couples will contemplate living together, perhaps before even becoming engaged, so they can test the depth of commitment to the relationship. In reality, this often becomes a test of their finances and how they manage income and expenses.

The more traditional individual will probably select the engagement ring so that it is available and present at the proposal. Modern couples are more likely to visit their favorite jeweler and make their selection of unique engagement rings, just a day or so after they have agreed to become engaged, to marry.

As the engagement forms the formal beginning of the next stage of the relationship, it is also the point of commitment because the couple have made an enormous decision.

There is no answer to the question concerning when you should purchase the engagement ring, but the answer is easier if you are going to meet the traditional standards. Where more modern ideals match your potential marriage, you can make the choice whenever it’s perfect for you.